Armored boots, for that little bit of extra protection. Love your feet. (1 Viewer)

May 19, 2011
Materials needed:
Comfy boots.
Metal weight plates from curtain blinds, the ones with the metal bead chains attached to them.
Wrenches, or pliers, big enough for some leverage.

How to:
Grip the plates at the ends using the pliers, with the holes for the chains held vertically, and bend them a little less than a 45 degree angle, make as many as you need, spray paint them if you like, whatever.

Thread them up on your boots.

End result.

View attachment 24605
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May 19, 2011
Actually, it's very light, and the little weight it does add, it strengthens your legs. I barely notice the weight addition, and I just took a bat to the lower leg and it barely hurt.


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Aug 20, 2010
New Orleans
im not sure i see the practicality of these, but they look neat! Not exactly my thing personally. i think the best way to protect yourself is not getting hit in the first place, but thats just me. they also seem like theyd be a nuisance in emergency swimming situations.
May 19, 2011
I suppose, but then again, I prefer, and mostly live, in the desert.. The idea came along when I was thinking of something I could do to my boots to keep from hurting myself when slipping in rocky sand, when climbing over ledges and rocks. I suppose the atmosphere will change how much mileage you'll get with something like this. In the end though, for the utility I found in it, it looked damn cool. Figured I'd share it:p
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