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I have an ALICE pack, and I love it, but the belt and kidney pad are fucked up, so I am planning on buying a new one. But I also want a genuine army surplus MOLLE pack. Shit won't fly out when you turn it upside down, you can actually find the attachments, and ACU matches my gothgirlclique look way more than camo or olive drab. BUT...the frames are made of plastic. I'll probably never have to replace my ALICE frame, but how fucking long will a plastic frame hold up?

I might just keep my ALICE. It's not that fucked up and I'm actually kind of attached.
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Apr 13, 2014
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Vancouver, Canada
I think the gen 1 frames are supposed to be brittle as hell, but the newest ones are good. I think i'd also stay with the good ol metal version, myself. The Canadian army 64 pattern frames are basically the same thing, so perhaps look for those as well.

A decent thread on the variety of molle frames:

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a buddy of mine did time with a molle and from what hes told me the frame is horrible and like a alice pack without a frame its basically a pickle bag. ide say stick with yer alice and just get a new belt strap.


Apr 12, 2014
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Little Rock, United States
there are at least 4 generations of Molle frames for the large ruck sack

I have extensive experience with the Gen IV.

I found it to be very strong and durable HOWEVER it eventually cracked at the bottom, which I attributed to repeatedly placing it on the concrete (I had the bottom zipper part sectioned off to move the weight up higher).

Even then it was fine.


Jan 28, 2018
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Salem, Oregon
The MOLLE pack with frame is great if you aren't going to abuse it. They WILL break if you're throwing them from a higher elevation like a train. The Alice pack, though heavy, is very comfortable, has great compartmentalization and will go through hell and back and come out fine. The ILBE internal frame packs are pretty tough and are comfortable on long walks if worn right (there are different sizes!!), though they can be hard to find cheap.

blue ant

Jul 8, 2017
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Phoenix, AZ
If you get a MOLLE, please, for the love of your own ass, do NOT get the old version, with the separate bag for the sleep system. That shit constantly sways and flops around while you're walking, plus they're extraordinarily bulky. It's unpleasant when you're walking and a downright deathtrap if you're taking the train. (Almost got hurt in a sorting yard because I got it caught on a string that was about to move.)

That said, the MOLLE II hip and shoulder straps are really nice. consider rigging up the HELLCAT assembly, which is basically an ALICE pack + frame with the MOLLE straps.

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