Ride Offered Anyone need a ride to PDX from Oly, Wa?

May 25, 2018
Current Location
Traveling from
Olympia, Washington
Portland Oregon
February 9th there’s gonna be a huge punk gig. The bandbox lineup is Zyanose (Japanese D-best noize band), Physique (Olympia noize d-beat), Frenzy (PDX hardcore), and Lebenden Totem (hardcore powerviolence). Unfortunately, I drive a Dodge neon so I only have one seat available but I will have open trunk space. I will be taking 1-5 South, and would be willing to pick someone up a little ways off the highway.
This gig is gonna be huge and a lot of fun, as someone who can’t currently travel id love to get someone to this experience! Talk 2 me for more details!

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Wasabi Peas wrote on Punkindrublic95's profile.
you still lookin around in philly? get back to me if youre still trying to find a crash
How is one supposed to respond to an offer to go to Missouri?...Am I being unfair for having a massive amount of trepidation?...
Well good news didnt break my collar bone: just tore a muscle in my shldr...and by good news I mean I'll be back playing bike polo alot sooner than I thought. As always any kids passing thru Cincinnati lemme know. Buds brews and a floor to crash: be safe kids!
Just a month and a half of all this nonsense left.
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I posted this by mistake. So, let's just keep it our little secret, hmm? NO ONE HAS TO KNOW.
Chatty Kathy ain't got nuffin' on Chatty NOOGA.
Damn it's windy at Joshua Tree! Good to be traveling again tho!
Didn't get fired. Boo. IF only I had some control, if I could somehow choose not to go wage slave my life away...if only there was some community out there that could show me a different way to live...oh well...gonna go have TV party tonite...

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