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Aug 15, 2018
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Hermosillo, Sonora
Hey everybody! When I'm not traveling I'm writing. I wrote a novella last year as a kickstarter incentive for "Dragonband," a growing series of high-fantasy anthologies and novels in the vein of "Forgotten Realms" and "Dragon Lance." It was released on Amazon a few days ago as an e-book, and I figured I'd pimp it here for my fellow nomads 😅 It's a swashbuckling adventure involving shapeshifters, death cults, human sacrifice, and, as the cover suggest, centaurs. I've been published in a few anthologies, podcasts, and videogames, but this is my first solo venture and I'm pretty proud of it :) It'd mean the world if some of my fellow vagabonds and troubadours could give me their thoughts on it! Thanks everyone :) :) :)
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