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Feb 24, 2017
Anyone have some advice for driving Route 50 in Nevada? I want to head towards Denver, and I know that the 50 is a long stretch of road without anything. So besides the norms like, coolant, and oil, do y'all have any advice for driving that deep in the Nevada desert? I'll be leaving, east out of Reno and go thru Ely, NV, then cut to to I70 out towards Grand Junction, CO. Love y'all!
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Apr 11, 2019
South Dakota
a ten dollar auto inflator and that foam you can inject in the tire are priceless. your biggest risk is a blowout. dont drive during the hottest hours of the day. the auto inflator mini compressors plug into your cig lighter. hope that helps friends. God Bless you, Kilo :)


Apr 5, 2012
OOh I've done this route, yep what others said basically, and yes, get gas whenever you can, I ended sleeping in my car at a gas station cuz I wouldn't make it to the next one. Gas stations aren't 24/7 out there(at least they weren't 10 years ago). Bring lots of extra water for you. Check your fluids at every gas station. It's super pretty, you will kill at least one small animal, and if you feel so inclined go ahead and hit the limiter on your car. Did 120MPH for a short bit in a 1998 Dodge Neon, was hoontastic.

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