annexing abandoned neighboring yard/garage? (1 Viewer)

May 30, 2018
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checkitout, im not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, but i rent a duplex in a small town near hella bandos, talkin a dozen or more in a 2 block next door neighbors has been abandoned a couple years, and im thinking about straight-up annexing the property, tearing down the falling fence-line and maintaining their yard, maybe turning the yard into a garden, ergo doubling the size of my yard....theres a garage onsite that has been unused for question/concern is, if i just straight up start parking my motorcycle in the bandoned neighboring garage, how long before the city come and say i cant do that and if the man comes when im not home would they/could they like get my bike towed or repoed or some nonsense? idk, does anyone here have any experience related or insight with this kind of thing?

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Dec 26, 2010
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I believe the laws vary state to state so you wanna research your states adverse possession laws in depth. Get to know them well. You can totally do this at least in some states for sure. In California I believe it's 5 years having maintained said property and using it as your own, making improvements etc. After that amount of time has passed there's no changing it back, it's your land. That's in regards to easement. I've done that before at my granparents old place and it's now owned by entirely different people decades later and the yard I took over is still used for my grandparents old place. See how the property line jogs over a little bit in the middle of the screen?,+Fresno,+CA+93703/@36.7642308,-119.7641946,55m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x80945ddfc74c0893:0x8913da5bdb407888!8m2!3d36.764217!4d-119.7643866

That's not originally belonging to the land on the left. You can tell by all the other houses fence lines are just all in line and then this one alone jogs over. I did that in 1994 and the only way the land on the right is getting it back is if they attempt the same thing and manage to control it for 5 years unnoticed. I did it with people living there, they just didn't seem to care that I had a small garden in that area so as the vegitation grew taller I removed their gate and fenced their side in and removed my fence and then rerouted grape vines over their old gate area. You can easily do this if the place has been abandoned a long time. Just research it in depth and document it, pics etc.


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Jul 28, 2011
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If I remember right my parents had issues with neighbor incorporating part of our yard with his - mowing it - planting on it - maintaining it. (it was a stupid point of the awkward acre piece of land that was quite unused by us other than a dump of grass clippings). And my parents never did anything about it but mumble about neighbor. Then issues came to a head and it was 7 yrs in NY. I remember many issues and paperwork but parents got rights back and had to resurvey to sell property. But anyway I agree with Sgt lupo - investigate your area/state laws.

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