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Previously NotSoSirius
Feb 16, 2017
591-599 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94610, USA
So I haven't taken the time to post this yet because I wasn't so sure itd be the best place for it but I'm running out of options so here it is.

I've had my three year old pooch Mika for about 8 or 9 months now. Shes a rescue that I adopted in Portland. At the time I was living at Black Bear Ranch and had no intention of leaving, so thinking I was going to be settled down for a year or so I decided to get Meeks. Well plans changed as they tend to do and I ended up hitting the road. She did pretty okay with hitchin and is a generally very well behaved dog but it became more and more apparent that shes too old and has too much PTSD from her past (she was a bait dog in a fighting ring until 6 or 8 months old) to learn how to be a traveling pooch. It stresses her out way too much.

So long story short I need to find the little miss a new home. Shes an extreamly sweet Rot/Ridgeback mix. Shes a housie dog so this is for someone whos settled down and plans to be for a good while. She has very bad aggression towards other dogs. As in if she seems one she will do anything she can to eat it. This is the most serious part. She is extreamly sweet to people, cats, kids ect other than playing a little rough at times. However due to her past, dogs be they big or small, sweet or mean, girl or boy she will absolutely attack. She'd be the best friend for someone looking for a cuddle bug who loves to sleep under the blankets at night and will wake you up in the morning with super lovins.

Hmu if you know anyone at all you can think of thatd be interested in her. Were in SLC in the moment but still have our car so I imagine we can make a trip to just about anywhere West of here if its a good home for Mika.

Ill post some pics soon
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Sometimes traveler is traveling.
Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
I will put her into the ditrykids group as an adoption either as a traveling pet or as perhaps a perma doggo into their home or friend/relative home. you've given a lot of good info here as well as pics so hopefully someone will step up. i have a german shepherd mix that my bf adoped from a traveling friend of mine who appeared in the city.

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