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Dec 8, 2018
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Traveled with my girlfriend in California for a few months. Now we have split and I'm going back out on my own in a few months. How do you guys do it Alone?
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Nov 26, 2018
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Seward, Alaska
Traveled with my girlfriend in California for a few months. Now we have split and I'm going back out on my own in a few months. How do you guys do it Alone?
Story of my life right here. I generally just try to meet people with similar interests or get a job to make some cash and talk to my co workers. I'm an introvert though and don't mind spending a lot of Time alone. But you need human interaction or you'll start talking to yourself haha.

Juan Derlust

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Mar 6, 2017
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masturbation - world's oldest diy...

addendum: masturbation may take many forms - idle chatter on stp for instance.
On the other hand, let's face it: a special somebody in one's life is something we all cherish (or hope for) - not just to indulge our animal impulses, but also to share, confide with, etc. 'Shared experience is enhanced experience' - beyond one's self, greater than the sum of parts, yadda bing...
Or you could subscribe to the 'Love is a fairytale for idiots' creed.
Newsflash - love makes idiots of us all.
Life is endurance & little else - keep on that trail of tears & eventually it'll merge with the path of acceptance.
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Feb 25, 2018
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Traveled with my girlfriend in California for a few months. Now we have split and I'm going back out on my own in a few months. How do you guys do it Alone?
1. well, I've pretty much had spent my entire life alone and same goes with a lot of people that I've met so we're used to it

2. make sure you have enough porn on your laptop

3. if you're introverted, well then....stop it. NOW.


Oct 16, 2015
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Salsibury, Maryland
do whatever you want whenever you want without having someone hawking over your shoulder/judging you/vying for attention

it'll take some time and there are of course many down moments but you will ultimately find more about yourself

then you'll be better off next relationship ya get into riiiiight? yeeeaaaah
Feb 25, 2018
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The Road
and the cold hard truth is that having a woman with you while traveling is a huge help when it comes to acquiring currency for food, gas, whatever (people tend to feel more sympathy for a female thats in need for gas and/or food money and tend to donate larger bills to help them out). So if you plan on spanging DONT! If you play an instrument, find a stopsign that bottlenecks out of an outdoor shopping center (look for a Walmart that has fast food places around it) and play your heart out. Even if you suck, use that time to practice. The main thing is to have a smile on your face and have fun.... My buddy and I got around the US by playing Story of My Life over and over again. People like seeing us vagabonds enjoying life. If you have no instrument, well....figure out some street performing but have fun with it.

train in vain

Nov 15, 2009
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Easy..get on and go. I felt weird about riding trains alone till I did it. Ive had good times with friends but prefer solo travels.
Dec 30, 2016
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Amherst Nova Scotia
You have a chance now to be 100% free. There is no one else to tell you where to go, how to get there, and how long to take doing so. Enjoy the road as a free man. I was married for 6.5 years and that ended in feb. of this year. I am hitting the road myself in 10 days, as a free man....well me and my doggo anyway. Have fun out there, an stay safe.

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