I deleted myself
Any tips, advice, recommendations, "must-sees".
How bad are the bears...
anyone know if boat or flight is the only way to get to glacier bay national park?
has anyone ridden alaska rail...?
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shred till yer dead

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Mar 29, 2012
out there
while hitching i usually just put the direction im going like "north" on a sign and hit the major highways headed the right way
Aug 11, 2016
Alaska is super easy and casual to hitchhike in, everybody does it. The locals pay it forward because they know how far it is from place to place and how much it would suck to get stranded out there. I never waited longer than like 15 min to get picked up. In fact they have laws, like if a driver doesnt stop to help someone in distress on the side of the road they can get ticketed. And trains have to stop for hikers stranded on the side of the road, even if there's no station, they have to stop. So you'll have a chill time! Everyone who picked me up there was excited to show me their Alaska, one guy showed me the sites along the way and bought me pie lol. You should hit up Seward (I spent the most time there and loved hiking up to Lost Lake, 7 miles in and 7 back out, you get above the treeline and can see forever and it's magic) and Homer if you go South and of course Denali and Fairbanks north, but the real cool shit up north is McCarthy. It would be hard to hitch that far because hardly anyone lives there, but if you can drive or bike it's worth it to hike that untouched land and swim in the blue pool in the glacier. I never saw a bear so my bear spray and bear vault were pointless extra weight, but I am sure they saw me. They're supposedly everywhere. But I wouldn't be worried about it, every story I heard they just run away if you come up on them. But your chances are good if you're trying to see one (or moose), even in a city like Anchorage if you take the Coastal Trail.

Best of luck!!!

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