After two years of lurking, Hi! (1 Viewer)


Mar 27, 2018
Dresden, Germany
Hi everyone!

I have had this account for almost two years now, so I think its about time I post something. I'm probably autistic, and communication can be very exhausting, especially with new people. I'm not antisocial by any means, I greatly enjoy being around people that i have any common ground with. (I will occasionally need a few hours of solitude for recharging, though.)

So, what brings me to StP?
My "travel experience" consists of a bunch of multi-day hikes, both with and without tent, the longest about two weeks. But I discovered that being on my way, with all i need on my back, is also a pretty powerful way to "recharge" from society. And I decided that I need more of this.
So joining this site now is sort of a self-commitment to travel more. That I align with StP politically is also a big plus. And of course I'm also here for all the great travel stories!

Other things that I enjoy are exploring hidden and abandoned places, making noise (mostly mandolin, banjo, and the occasional jew's harp), and repairing or modifying musical instruments (e.g. I recently converted a guitar into a mandocello). So maybe I can write about that kind of stuff too.

Nice to meet you, and thanks for having me!
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I closed my account
Welcome friend.... I've been more off than on here over close to the last 10 years or so, but there's a great wealth of info here, along with good people.
Enjoy... !!


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Dec 12, 2014
Nice. Sounds like you will fit in well here. There is plenty of content on here, so please remember to use the search feature as much as possible before posting new threads, we have years of experience and stories on here. Welcome! I am also a fan of anything with strings on it, and we could definitely use some more threads in the Musical Instruments sub forum:

Musical Instruments -

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