Seeking Ride Adorable Puppy for a Ride East

May 20, 2018
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7341 Maple Ln, Central Point, OR 97502, USA
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Hi!!! I'm fucking back in sacra-shitshow-mento.. The cops are still being pieces of shit..

Since my dog popped 5 days ago, hopping isn't an option, (I feel.. I'm not trying to get caught with my tiny babies squawking their heads loose) so I'm offering a puppy for a ride.. I do not want to be here any longer..

I need a ride to Chicago.. Anything less than that I can jug or pitch.. (Negotions are welcome) I'll ultimately end up in Maryland/DC but, after your puppy is ready, (8 weeks) I will gladly hop to you or we can arrange where to meet.. Ooooorrr, if you can bottle feed your tiny, you can have him there on the spot...

Aiden and I are a lively couple.. We travel full time. Very quiet and intuitive, we are.. Just looking for a ride home so we can relax with the babies in comfort..

20180511_105430.jpg Mom is in the background.. Dad is larger dog..
20180515_132809.jpg My momma doggo. <3


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