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Mastering the Art of Houselessness
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Dec 12, 2014
Northern Arizona
don't get butthurt when people don't share their tobacco and booze that THEY worked to get. It's not that hard. Bum up and be responsible for yourself.
Bahahaha! I'm going to tell that to the next crustie that talks shit to me because I won't give them money while passing by their spange spot with full travel gear on.

"Bum up, fucker!"

Hahaha!!! I hope you don't mine me stealing that one.
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Mar 13, 2015
On the road
Bahahaha! I'm going to tell that to the next crustie that talks shit to me because I won't give them money while passing by their spange spot with full travel gear on.

"Bum up, fucker!"

Hahaha!!! I hope you don't mine me stealing that one.
Please steal that!! The word needs to be spread


Jan 1, 2011
Augusta GA, USA
Im still sketched out trying to find places to crash in large urban areas, no problems in really small towns or off the side highways but really my biggest fear latched with traveling is its not very sustainable.
Im terrifyed that i havent sent enough up for myself to get set up when i really need to and my body or mind cant keep up with the lifestlye. Im afraid that while im living now to the mosy that i can that im screwing myself out of a decent future, that maybe im gonna end up being a homebum in some city and i wont have any help getting back on my feet and ill be stuck in some awful cycle just trying to scrape by..
Still havent figured out how to squash that.

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That's understandable. I fucking loath a shit day on the road hitching and realize I don't wanna be stuck there. Luckily I have 2 cheap acres to resort to. But sometimes I even wanna say fuck it on that. I guess if I'd ever be completely homeless I'd best to find a decent town in decent climate and resort to living away from people mostly and heading into that town for supplies and busking or sign money. . .I sort that now at my place when there but yet again I'll be on the road 3000 miles away. Makes appreciate my tiny fucking cabin and sometimes boredom when the road is tough


Aug 2, 2017
Western Maine
Dude, where you at you need to worry about that? Down Under, or the Rez? $

Man, fears..uh...first was personal safety. That I overcame by learning self defense and carrying a weapon.

Second was getting a criminal record. That is still one of my largest concerns, but I'm careful, and hnestly, start in to give less and less of a shit as time goes on. But shit I do have an seasonal job that a have to play nice to keep.

Third, not being able to find a place to camp/sleep. Expecially when it's raining, and the sun is going down....and it's 35 degrees. Fuck, how do you overcome that? I guess try not to roll into places you don't know either right before, or during night. Also, do your research via Google maps on new areas

Next would be, and I didn't understand this until after I had traveled, is how my "reputation" would be impacted in the "real world". People fucking look at you funny when you explain a bad ass travel story to them and then the go, "so wait, you were HOMELESS, and sleeping ILLEGALLY, TRESSPASSING, didn't take a shower for a week, didn't have a dollar to your name, and just got drunk every day? What a loser"

To that, I have just learned to say, "Fuck you, take your classism and shove it"

Food stamps and kitchens cured my fear of starving.

Shelters and temp jobs cured my fear of freezing to death.

Now. Now I have fears I would've never though about originally. Such as

"what happens when that Steelie finally catches up with me? I don't have insurance for medical bills"

"What happens when the road consumes me, and I no longer fit into any part of society, or can no longer hold a job?"

"Why the fuck do I keep getting OLDER?! Just chill the fuck out Father Time, and leave me alone!"

"Will I ever be compatible with a Female who accepts my way of life? Cause it sure as fuck hasn't happened so far"

I also am just getting into hopping freight, and that brings about a few other fears that I will not get into, lest being labeled as a pussy ::bag::
haha, yeah I met a pack of feral dogs once in Cali in the Mojave, I was with a friend, we were walking through a ghost town and had a really tense encounter. They decided to leave us alone after messing with us a little, circling us and staring us down for a few minutes.

Hobo Mud

Nov 25, 2015
Columbia, Tennessee
This is certainly a great topic and it is interesting to see the similarities we all share. I have fears and certain situations that make me nervous just like most travlers do. Sometimes I get nervous sleeping at night because that is one time I am very vulnerable but this always depends as to what area and city I might currently be at.

Walking under bridges at night, having a group of individuals walk up on me at night while I am waiting to catch out. Feral dogs. Making a misstep while catching a train on the fly.... Theses are fears that I have and things that make me nervous.

Even tho I have fears it does not stop the need for adventure I so desire. Fear is healthy and it is vital for survival. Common sense, intuition and experience are my best tools pertaining to travling.


Aug 24, 2017
did anyone else have any fears that don't involve personal safety?
yes, but safety is my first... I'm currently pre-first-open-ended-travel prep stage, and certainly my anxiety around the mysteries of health and hidden diseases, constructed and timeless alike, laying in wait within you or mosquitoes or some bog water or some other shit, keeps me afraid of being in unknown lands or far from any serious medical facilities ... i had an asthmatic panic attack experience camping out in park land in north carolina on my first longer road trip and had to find a way out to a center to be sure i wasn't totally fucked, but that might've been more of a combination of seasonal allergies in a new place and self-fulfilling prophecies than confirmations of my own infirmity/fragility... really it's the knowledge that we're more or less water and flesh bags running on complex intricate and sometimes unknown internal systems that, yes, have been functioning since the moment we took our first breaths, but that might crap out or gum up somewhere along the way, sometimes unexpectedly and other times with old age or abuse... but hey that's a lifetime thing, so if you can wake up dead in the same house you've lived in your whole life, or wake up dead on the side of a beautiful mountain, yadda yadda...

on non-personal safety fears, i'm worried about losing touch entirely with the friends who are dearest to me and hopefully share lifetime bonds, as i've seen what proximity and location shifts do to social lives amongst the hubbub of this big fat civilization ... even not living with the folks i lived with for 2 years but moving one short drive over has hinted at the sisyphean catch-up-friend status -- the 'hey we should hang out' s and the 'i miss ya bud what's new?' 'oh not much and too much to sum up' kind of conversations that make people and the courses of their lives feel farther away than when you just had their presence in your mind with a smile ... i'm worried about that, always felt alone deep down and without the deep community, and finally having some built in this comfortable place. losing touch with the ones i never aim to lose touch with when inundated with shiny new places and people and down the road turning around to realize something deep and true faded into the ether for neglect and was replaced by short-lived or hollow distraction...

not a good phone person but maybe that'll have to do, does anyone have advice about setting aside time to keep in touch beyond menial updates and impossible catch up crap, in more meaningful ways?

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I deleted myself
my initial fears were myself. I had to act on impulse, both times, to ever leave my comfort zones.

my fears were never of personal safety. I can kind of care less about menial things like that. the biggest concern was what I would learn about myself; my ability to withdraw from society as I'd always dreamed. was I really who I thought I was? would I be happy sleeping in the streets? would I be able to meet a woman who valued the dirty hippy I knew I was deep down? could I make lasting friends? and, would I ever find home?

fortunately, I knew what I wanted, and the only way to answer those questions is to jump in.

I hope this is useful.

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