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Dec 7, 2020
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Eastern North America
Hi, just joined the site. My name is Atlas.

I am not so much of a traveler, though I did spend about a year car camping around the u.s. searching for people or places I could relate to. As it has been my whole life, all I really related to was wilderness regrowing itself where humanity has abandoned the land.
This website seemed like it may be an appropriate place for me to look for social connections as I recognize that ownership is a misrepresentation of private access and I believe claiming that the earth or any part of it belongs to humans is detrimental to all life, whether or not their value system recognizes that.

It seems ridiculous to me that it has been so difficult to find people working against this idea that humans are separate from and should dominate what appears external.

Really all I am looking for are people who WANT to illegally inhabit land that has been degraded by malpractice, in southern appalachia (for a lot of reasons), live there and work to restore it to water retention landscape, ecological sanctuary, food forest, and functional locally supportive habitat for as many different types of life as possible, including humans. all of this without any claim of land ownership and without trying to displace anyone but certainly not validating claims of corporations or governments owning land to leave it abandoned and degraded. I just want to work with people voluntarily to create an example of how humans can live in support of the complete water cycle, human health, and the health and diversity of ecosystems and ideally in the future to build a learning center that reflects the organizational patterns present throughout reality (similar to a temple but of course without worshiping any entity) where anyone could go for free to learn about relating to bioregions, designing and creating functional habitat, natural sciences, voluntary relationships, the arts, natural building, health, etc.

I've never been very successfully social except in primary school before I realized that I was faking to fit and stopped doing that, and I am on the autism spectrum so I don't know how to predict whether or not what I said will seem stupid or crazy to others even though it seems very reasonable to me (which is something that happens often for me).

I'd appreciate any suggestions anyone might have regarding how to find compatible people..

Otherwise, thanks for reading anyway and I hope you will resonate with symbiotically related diversity.
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