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Dec 11, 2020
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Hello fellow travelers and adventurers! I remembered this site from about eight years ago or so, and was hoping to get back in touch with a welcoming community of folks who live life freely and are not over critical and judgmental to our beliefs/philosophies/outlooks on life and how it is to be lived according to each individual being. Me, I've been nomadic for eight years, and a traveler/vagabond for 10. I write and compose ballads, odes, and lyrics just because it's my artistic gift and outlet here on Earth, and try to share them whenever I'm with a small crowd or gathered 'round the campfire. I'm also a scavenger, foraging in the wilds and countryside, fishing (🤫, no license), scavenging by way of dumpsters/trash bins, fills, and along the roads and trails. When I'm looking for work (which I am now!), I'll fly a sign simply reading: "NEED WORK, NOT HANDOUTS" and it usually lands me some position with a construction or landscaping outfit for cash in hand at the end of the day. My favorite institution across our land is the Library, but with this "COVID-19 Pandemic," most towns and cities are closed or have limited hours of operation and you can no longer "congregate" or simply sit down in one and read and write, which sucks, but on warmer winter days I'll pitch my tent about somewhere and commence my reading and writing there. Well, that's enough about me for now. I'm hoping to find a travel companion to share in my adventures, so message me if your interested in living life as an adventurer. Farewell for now...
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