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I deleted myself
Is there anyone out there that listens to this stuff besides me?? Cap'n jazz, the promise ring, sunny day real estate, etc...??? i know it doesn't have washboard or blast beats, but its still fucking awesome!!
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Apr 27, 2009
Usually the East Coast, South, or Midwest
Oh god. That's the first good music I got into. My friend Jared and I were obsessed with Sunny Day Real Estate when I was in high school, and I still love them. Diary is one of the greatest albums ever.

It really fucking bothers me what the word "emo" means now. There's no resemblance between "our emo" and most people's "emo". The mainstream didn't even really bother to imitate old emo; they just liquid shat on that word, completely enveloping and covering it to obscure its real meaning.

And for that reason, I don't really tell people I listen to 90's emo because most people just aren't gonna fuckin get it. They just think "who is this chode?" People should check out Rites of Spring, Braid, Cap'n Jazz, and all those other great bands because it's sad how neglected they are in punk culture as of late.


I deleted myself
Exactly!! I posted this and pretty much expected a bunch of "fuck panic at the disco"s. Today's "emo" horrifies me. The emotion these older bands contain is gone in about 90% of our current music scenes. It's really too bad more people won't give em a chance.


Dec 9, 2010
plymouth MA
love this stuff. snowing, and braid and as mentioned above algernon all still staty true to a great genre. it seems most of this music comes out of philedelphia. my buddy an i managed to get a bunch of bands to come up to massachussets a couple months ago for a show in his basement.


Feb 22, 2011
knoxville, tn
Most definitely! Indian Summer and Moss Icon are two of my favorite bands. I'm always so anxious about turning people onto this style of music because the connotation that comes with the word 'emo.' But anyway, so much good music!


Nov 23, 2009
Aye, for sure. More of a Screamo guy.

And one of my favorite screamo bands have THE worst name ever, and I will never tell someone who has never listened to any real emo to listen to them just because of the name itself... "I Would Set Myself On Fire For You."

Name aside, they're fucking amazing. Their song Chinese Freeze Tag should be a fucking screamo anthem. It's so good.

And yeah, of course I love all the ones you have to like. Envy, Circle Takes The Square, Saetia... Also a big fan of Hot Cross, Ex-Wife, pg. 99, City of Caterpillar, etc. etc.

I'm really digging the more recent trend of blending emo/skramz with post-rock. The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die and Envy do a great job of that. Amazing stuff.


Apr 9, 2011
any one listen to Drive Like Jehu? I think they might fall into the category.. "emo" and "post-hardcore". Both categories seem to be pretty much the same thing. As far as the 90's stuff.


Jan 17, 2011
Kissimmee, FL(usually traveling though)
I like Sunny Day Real Estate. Never listened to any of the others though. Most 2000 and later emo is garbage but I gotta say, Hawthorne Heights is really good for an emo band. Everything after that sucked though cause everyone just tried to copy the hell out of them.


Apr 27, 2011
I am totally a fuckin 90s kid. I'm 17 and super fucking into the 90s emo movement. I cannot fucking stand when people refer to self-mutilation, black eyes, crying and romanticized emotional bullshit as emo. Snowing, Braid, Algernon, I hate Myself, it's all so good. Then the emo-violence, skramz get-down is fucking blasting our minds into submission. I would set myelf on fire for you is one of my favorite band hands down. Lot's of those emo/screamo-esque bands are really fucking important to me. Fugazi, orchid, bucket full of teeth, off minor, jawbreaker, city of caterpillar, moss icon, circle takes the square, I hate myself, portraits of past, it's all madness. most of it is just raw and emotive and i think that's what art is supposed to fucking be. so yea, along with hella other stuff, 90s em is fucking awesome.


Mar 13, 2011
the desert
finally a thread i can get behind! moss icon are amazing, and so is the side project breathing walker which was basically moss icon with a violin instead of guitar. but i have to say rainer maria are the best fucking emo band ever.

for those who like the more screamo 90s emo it's all about portraits of past, 400 years and tipping canoe


Apr 17, 2011
Hell yes for Sunny Day Real Estate!
I was like 7 thru 17 in the 90's, perfect age for musical development. Sunny day, Policy of 3, Get Up Kids, Circle Takes the square, Cap n' jazz, At The Drive in. Man my rents hated my music haha

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