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Oct 16, 2016
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So I was going through my newsfeed when I saw a news post about "drifters" facing the death penalty for murdering 2 people and a dog. Thought it was interesting enough that maybe you people might want to know. I'm just gonna copy and paste the news story. I did some further research into the story. It's not a hoax or anything. All the websites I've seen have had pretty consistent stories. This particular story doesn't mention that they were tweakers as well, but some of the other stories hit on that topic. I'll post the website I got this from if anyone is interested in further research. Stupid kids fucking it up for everybody else. This is why people are scared of us and we get a bad reputation.
tantric14n-1-web-jpg.35337_3 "Drifters" Face Murder Convictions_People & Cultures_Squat the Planet_10:05 AM

"Sean Michael Angold, Morrison Haze Lampley and Lila Scott Alligood

The three drifters charged with gunning down a prominent tantric sex therapist and a Canadian backpacker earlier this month could face the death penalty, prosecutors said Monday.

All three of the accused killers — Lila Scott Alligood, 18, Morrison Haze Lampley, 23, and Sean Michael Angold, 24 — are charged with two counts of capital murder, in addition to robbery, vehicle theft, possession of stolen property and animal cruelty, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The three were arrested last week outside a Portland church soup kitchen, jailed in Oregon and sent to Marin County jail in California Monday to be booked.

They will stand trial for both murders, and face life in prison without parole or death sentences.

They are accused of using a stolen gun to fatally shoot two people in hiking trails in the San Francisco area.

First, on Oct. 2, they allegedly killed backpacker Audrey Carey, 23, in Golden Gate Park. The Quebec resident was making her first solo trip to the United States, and explored the park while hundreds of thousands of people flocked there for the annual, three-day Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival.
tantric14n-3-web-jpg.35338_3 "Drifters" Face Murder Convictions_People & Cultures_Squat the Planet_10:05 AM

Three days later, they allegedly robbed and murdered Steve Carter, 67, who co-founded the Ecstatic Living Institution for tantric sex in Middletown, Calif. The drifters also shot Carter’s Doberman pinscher, who survived the attack, police said.
tantric14n-2-web-jpg.35339_3 "Drifters" Face Murder Convictions_People & Cultures_Squat the Planet_10:05 AM

When officers found Carter's body on a Marin County hiking trail, he was still clutching the dog's leash. He lived near the trail with his wife, Lokita Carter, who founded the yoga center with him and is now battling cancer.

When the drifters got busted, they were still driving Carter’s stolen vehicle. The GPS inside led police to the accused killers.

The motive for the killings remains “unknown,” police said."
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Feb 4, 2017
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What the hell, this kind of stuff is so ridiculous. Gives all of us a horrible name. I feel bad for the victims.


Oct 24, 2015
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Exeter, United Kingdom
sorry but had to giggle at the 'prominent tantric sex therapist' bit !

also the cutie on the right definitely got them tweaker face scabs going on unless there's smeg on my phone screen
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Apr 7, 2017
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Bloody hell... :mad:
Not only gives wanderers a bad reputation, but also serves as a reminder to us to be on the lookout and stay safe.


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May 28, 2015
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I remember hearing about this shortly after it happened. I was actually at hardly strictly the year this happened. I was mobbing around with several large groups of people, so I was pretty safe from the bastards, but still kind of spooky to think about what could've happened. I was also roadies with some kids who knew the backpacker.
Sounds like both of these people were real cool. May they rest in peace. So sad.
Tweakers suck :/


I deleted myself
Deleted it didn't contribute anything anyway
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