2/1/19 lets busk / write / ride on the Westcoast


Mar 19, 2018
Current Location
New Orleans
about me

hey ya'll
looking to meet fellow buskers and hop some trains this FEBRUARY 2019

i do folk / blues / jug / hopeless music that is my therapy..
hear my rendintion of a Riley Pucket tune @
[email protected]

just an intermediate / beginner! been playing for a few years now.
i play a parlor sized resonator and travel light a possible

what do you play?
can you sing?
where are you currently?

i am in portland, if anyone also is stopping thru HMU i got a shower for yah.

instagram : johnny_therapy
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feral wanderer

Aug 14, 2017
Current Location
Keep me posted that's when I might be headin out as well. Based in Pullman WA right now, I play a small acoustic, folk/light rock/ nothing specific. Sounds awesome!

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Got a ride all the way to Portland! Will be there a few days, til Sunday at least.
Walking to North Bend. Didn’t seem to be any good hitch spots in Coos Bay.
First train hop since last summer.
AAAutin wrote on Ynwdwndrr's profile.
Happy seed day, sucka!
Heading back out again today. Gonna millaround the Rockies for another five days and then I’m headed east towards Chicago!
Hitching out of Coos Bay today. Goal is to get up to Newport, switch over to the I-5, then up to Portland by the day’s end.
Wow its been two years since i posted I've lived in a few cities since, but I'm living in santa fe now.
I am sorry for not updating! I ended up getting back on the road for REAL, leaving downtown LA via a bus to Barstow Friday night. Since then I have hitchhiked 5 rides, explored Flagstaff AZ, and am now near Albuquerque, NM. I’ve already learned so fucking much, made countless memories, met other tramps, ridden in a truck bed on the highway, and just been fucking blessed by the Universe.
Spending the night in Coos Bay. Hoping to be in Portland.
Just had 3 wisdom teeth pulled, my mouth should stop bitching all the damn time now... Pain meds? What're those

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