16 year old going from Central Florida To Fresno, Cali. I figured I'd start here.

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Jun 27, 2018
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Yeah $50 will slip through your fingers. I wanna say nothing is impossible but if you can, it’d be worth it to save up a few hundred as a cushion. Bare bare minimum $200. I recommend going with someone your first time but in the spirit of harm reduction here are some things I was told my first outing and from my own experience:

When a driver pulls over, ask where the driver is going before they ask you to help filter out creeps trying to follow you.

When in the car make conversation, be aware of your surroundings, where the drivers hands are, what’s in the car, etc.

Keep some money in your wallet but stash the rest in your sock or somewhere hidden (the belt area of your pants becomes a secret pocket if you cut a hole you can slide bills or whatever in)

Something like pepper spray would be useful to keep on you.

Honestly MOST of my experiences have been of positive, helpful people but there are those who may have other intentions and one bad experience can be more impactful than a whole bunch of good ones.

Unless you want to bikepack, ditch the bike. Sell it. At most carry a skateboard with you or something.

Keep important phone numbers of people who can help you on a written piece of paper and keep it safe - the dad in me tells you to laminate it if possible.

Carry a paper map and plan out a rough route of where you want to go.
Oh and to add, pack expecting to lose or have all your shit stolen aka don’t bring super valuable or irreplaceable shit with you.

Good luck and be safe
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Jan 1, 2019
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new york
I try to keep it as light as possible. I keep a pair of jeans and a few shirts along with some necessities for the road. A small traveling blanket flashlight reflector vest, utility knife, and I carry a banjolele for my personal entertainment also comes in handy for making a few extra bucks, Rope to make a temporary shelter if need be. Those trips can have long walks so I keep it light.hope it helps you I started traveling at 16 also bbroker then 50 dollars. Good luck and hope you stay safe. My pack is ready for my trip out of new york Thursday morning.


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