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May 17, 2020
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It was Saturday morning i finished work early. It's a slow day. There's no televised sports and most of SF is out of town for the long weekend. I decided to take off, get out for a hike enjoy the day off. Relax in nature.

I headed home to grab the dogs, water, and a couple supplies before i head out. It’s around 1pm as i cross into pacifica on semi sunny day, a break in this january rain. I fire down a couple pieces of paper. Fuck it, its saturday right? Crank some jgb and shoot south. Next thing i know 40 minutes later im taking a left off of Rt 1 onto a small rd, something with creek in the name i think? I knew i wanted to head inland to get more into the wood. Small winding roads ripping up and down, through gullys of huge trees, not a house or person in sight. Couldn't tell ya where i’m going but it feels like the right direction. It’s just nice to get out of the city, doesn't matter where you go. Driving, taking unknown roads, breathing fresh air, exploring uninhabited places. This is relaxing for me.

And like that it was over..

People everywhere. Long weekenders littered the 3 parks i tried to find solitude in. First stop el corte de madera creek. It was all mtn bikers, must have been a race or something. We kept driving until I noticed another park, seemed perfect. Sam Mcdonald park not a lot of cars, cool location right along a creek, promise of good redwoods. We hiked a half mile loop “Big tree” trail to get our feet wet. Pretty rad spot, we set off down another trail. About a mile in, we run into a ranger who told me i wasn’t allowed to have my dogs. He made me turn back. I should have known he was out there since i parked right next to him in the lot. We got back in the car and continued on to the third park, my favorite spot recently, butano state park. Normally it’s empty, especially during the winter months, but of course today it had a completely full lot. I was here last week and not a single car was on the whole drive, granite it was during torrential rain. Overwhelmed and frustrated I park on the side of the road and took a stroll down six bridge trail trying to collect myself and decide what to do. After a doobie and 30 minutes of aimless wandering, I gave up on my dreams of relaxation and isolation, sun was setting, it was time to go.

Defeated, sitting in some of the most psychedelic traffic of my life just to get back to where i was trying to get away from in the first place. I kept thinking to myself..

Saturdays suck and LSD is powerful.

Ps happy birthday bear, thanks for that.
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