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  2. Golcems


    So I guess this is where I introduce myself n shit. I guess if anyone wants to talk about bands or pot or anything really, hit me up? Cool.
  3. croc

    Avoiding substance abuse

    I've honestly been a little worried about this in my plans to travel next March. I smoke bud regularly. I'm okay going without, it's more of an end of the day to relax kinda thing. And I'll drink wine or a couple beers here and there (every other week or so). I don't get drunk or fucked up...
  4. UrBex Taylor

    "Swear to shake it up if you swear to listen.."

    Hello fellow humans! I just discovered this site yesterday and I'm only falling further in love with it with every second. I'm hoping/looking to meet some cool ass people who do some cool ass stuff! I listen to all kinds of music, mostly rock/metal, but I really do listen to everything from...