1. L

    Hunting clothing on sale for $2 at walmart

    I dont know if this is everywhere, it could just be because they were remodeling, but the walmart in Bryant Arkansas had a fire sale of mossy oak and real tree clothing for 2 bucks each, insect repellent thinsulate, water resistant pants and hats with light, all hunting clothing $2. Sorry if...
  2. Matt Derrick

    Surprise! These two massive corporations are your van life BFFNews & Blogs 

    SURPRISE! THESE TWO MASSIVE CORPORATIONS ARE YOUR VANLIFE BFFS COLEMANMARCH 28, 2017 VAN LIFE0 COMMENTS It can’t all be mom and pop coffee shops and pristine natural campsites, sometimes you’ve gotta hop on the stellar wifi at...
  3. Matt Derrick

    Slab City Living: Town run for suppliesVideo 

    Hey folks, I'm playing around with a few ideas for doing a video travel blog, so here's something I filmed and edited using nothing but my cell phone. I just covered my day running to town to get supplies for the Slab City library, so take a look and let me know what you think.
  4. K

    WalMart Loves You!

    Can you believe this place buys Chinese, undercuts everybody and has the nerve to call themselves American? Goodbye competitors, so long Mom and Pops, send your money to Chyna. Kind of has me confused about what it means to be an American. All apologies to the Chinese punks...not your fault!
  5. Leocalifornya

    Howdy y'all

    Leo Californya here.. Just landed in Ukiah, California after living in the middle of the Mendocino National Forest for ten days. Lake Pilsbury is nice this time of year by the way. I have to say, being amongst other humans, and so many at that, is a bit surreal. Places like walmart are usually...