1. S

    Cottage Grove, OR - Vegas.

    About me: Hello, names Mike, been homeless for a few months now, result of exhausting resources trying to get my veteran benefits AND now I can't find anywhere to leave my pup Roshi while I work so can't get a job until recently. It hasn't got bad yet for me, just feels like camping. Have had a...
  2. TheWindAndRain

    To catch murderer, Police set up mannequin dressed like sleeping homeless man then caught this video

    " The killings took place at night near a dusty, desolate Las Vegas corridor. On Jan. 3, a homeless man curled up in a blanket to protect himself from the frigid 44-degree temperature, was struck several times in the head as he slept near an intersection not far from the roar of the Spaghetti...
  3. SandyErika

    Squatting in Las Vegas

    Hi guys. My name is Sandy Lopez and I'm a reporter at View News of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. I'm working on a story about squatting in Las Vegas and was wondering if 1) Anyone is currently squatting in Las Vegas and would be willing to talk to me or 2) If anyone has squatted in Las Vegas...