1. r3yn

    The (Kwik)Wet(lem) Coast Catch-Out

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    PART I : Catching Out from Van I got out to the trail, east of Vancouver, as the sun was falling low behind ominous clouds. A woman walked by me with her dog in the cold silence, giving me an uncertain look as I said hello; two ravens were perched in an aspen on my right, letting me know of...
  2. S

    Headed to the Pacific Northwest

    I'm planning on going this winter. Portland, Seattle, Olympia, maybe even Vancouver, BC. ~ What are some good youth drop in resources? I need someplace LGBT friendly, that doesn't require ID, and which doesn't feel like fucking juvenile hall; someplace like Safe Place for Youth in Los Angeles...
  3. Benji91

    Aussie moving to Canada (probably BC)

    Hey lovely people, I'm a few weeks out from applying for a two-year Canadian "working holiday" visa, there's a lot of reasons I need a massive change in my life and I've decided up-rooting and heading overseas is the way to go. I've been working my arse off and saving everything I can to make...
  4. Droidy Pendejo

    Squatting in Vancouver BC

    Hey there. What's the squat scene like in Van? Is it well organized by neighbourhoods or more of wild squattling style? I know there is no shortage of empty houses in Vancouver. Anyways, anybody out there have experience and might be willing to shed some light? With a vast portion of houses...
  5. Skidkidfox

    Hi from Alberta Canada!

    Hey folks. People call me fox, im hanging out in Calgary for a week or so then heading down to vancouver island then probably down to the states. Happened upon this website and its pretty dang cool. Im hoping to meet some friends and shit like that, maybe some people that wanna hop down to the...