travel stories

  1. JonTheNomad

    Walking along the Brazilian Coast

    Hey guys, So I've been meaning to write up the past couple weeks in Brazil for some time now and finally figured it was time. So here it is, I hope you guys enjoy my little write-up It started with me realizing that I felt trapped in the city. Something about Sao Paulo makes it...
  2. AestheticUtopian

    The forgotten corner of South-America (part 1)

    Hello everyone! I discovered this site and the discord just three days ago, but I am already in love with everything. Since I promised myself to 'put myself out there' I thought I'd share my experience of my first weeks in Paraguay! -Before This was going to be my first real journey, on my...
  3. almostvicious

    Olive Green: The adventures of a weirdo

    Hello people, I have a weird tradition of turning my travel stories into books once a year. This year my lazy ass hasn't finished the paperback version of it but for those of you that would like to read my adventures around Europe, I attached a PDF to this thread. (p.s: the whole thing is free...