1. Jakethehobosexual

    Green horn.. looking to travel and learn!

    Hey everyone! Newbie/greenhorn here. Looking to ride the rails! I've been researching and doing my homework. Im open to any and all advice too!!! I'll be leaving from southern Vermont and making my way back home to the mojave desert in california. Wish me luck!
  2. M

    Looking for a travel buddy, departing Minnesota heading to Rockies

    I'm 19M in a couple months I'm about to depart Minnesota and head south by freight train. I have alot of experience hopping trains and training in survival skills. Anyone interested in embarking with me?
  3. Baron Fertz

    Catching out of Atlanta

    Anyone have any information or tips for catching out in Atlanta and heading north?
  4. Tanktheposer

    Just a little introduction of myself.

    Hey, fellas and felletes! I've had this account for around a month now. I downloaded it when my friend told me about it before I was kicked out. All of you really and truly helped me out. I learned how to find under the table jobs, how to find free food and a few scamming tricks. I really am...