1. izmonk

    Video Subway Slicker: Some NYC Tunnel Frogging

    That moment when you recognize someone on the train... First realpost on StP! Fooling around in the NYC tunnels is my pasttime, painting them too. For any transit heads, heres a clue: this was a BMT Line, where an area for a third trackway was built. Happy hunting :).
  2. PinkLore

    Hop trains with me?

    I was a rubbertramp til i lost my van. Currently doing volunteer work in South Carolina. But i wanna get to San Fransisco for bicycle day --nowhere better for 4-19! If i dont find a crew jugging there soon, im thinking about hopping some freights. Its a loooong way and ive never done this...
  3. Hash driveways

    Clarksburg, West Virginia to All points EAST/NORTH!!

    Hey ya'll I've posted a few times on here from the various locations ive traveled too and gotten no luck. Im trying again though, my plan so far is to finish up this little money makin gig in Clarksburg, West virginia. Then hitting the local tracks and seeing if I can find a ride to Grafton...
  4. Will Wood

    Closed Malls

    Closed Malls by State. probably have some kind of security. But some might make for exploration..??
  5. mrknowone

    Seeking Ride Trying to get out of Rochester NY

    Traveled from Florida and went north in 2007. Found Rochester and have been here since. Would like to go west so if you're heading that way let me know. I busk to make money so traveling with another musician would be awesome. Also if anyone know of or where to find train schedules I would be...
  6. Will Wood

    10 longest rail trails. Stealth camping possibilities?

    Pulling off on a long cycling trail may have places for stealth camping? And connect you with a couple of urban settings.. ..
  7. Will Wood

    Knife or Multi tool, what do you carry on your belt, or in your pack?

    I've got a belt folding knife and some tools I've collected for various reasons in my back pack. I'd like to lose the weight and get a multi tool that is good enough. I'm thinking about a Stanley? It's cheep enough and good enough.? Not sure. Ideas??
  8. Cornelius Vango

    The Littlest Hobo

    Who has seen this glorious Canadian TV show from the 90s about a freight-hopping crime-fighting dog?
  9. Tech

    How's it going?

    Hey nomads, tell me about your day. A brief history of me, I was born in Barstow, CA in '96. Parents separated when I was young, been living in California City since '98. Instilled with a love for nature when I was young via camping trips with the family. Went to school on a military base for...
  10. Will Wood

    Colorado, Longmont/Boulder

    New to Colorado.. .. Anyone?? Man it is lonely and cold here.. Wondering if I made a big fucking mistake..
  11. Mustbenice

    Florida be gone!

    Hey all. To put it simple -- I'm looking to get the hell out of florida. Been here two years and my lease is ending soon so it time to bounce! I heard once that if you stand in one place for too long you should throw a grenede where you stand, jump and pray. Of course I'm not planning on...
  12. Carolineratdog

    Leaving Philly today. Need a roaddawg

    Im going to leave Philly today and if anyome would like to come with me hit me up asap. I play music and im 420 friendly.
  13. Fiachradh

    Heading around America from 1st June

    Hey hey, I'm heading to America on the 1st of June, plan on hanging around New York for a couple of days then hitting the road. I've got until the end of August to do whatever and have very little plans. If anyone wants to travel for a bit, hang for a day, get a drink... I'm down. Would love to...
  14. Matt Derrick

    Announcement The StP Guide to Train Hopping is finished!

    As the title says, I finally finished a first draft of the train hopping guide I originally started almost two years ago (sorry for being such a lazy asshole): keep in mind it's a first draft, and needs illustrations/images...
  15. Rolly Leonard

    Greetings From Georgia!

    hey guys my name is eli and currently i am in milledgeville georgia. i have been giving the vagabond lifestyle some very serious consideration (i have gone from georgia to cali and back earlier this year) and as of right now, the only thing holding me back is my girlfriend and lack of guidance...