tips and tricks

  1. RavenOnTheNethervoid

    frozen doors

    tips, tricks, advice for preventing vehicle doors from freezing and/or successfully opening once they've frozen, please? (in particular, sliding doors)
  2. mans

    hitchhike nightmare tips

    hey everyone i wish you all a blessed life and journey thrue traveling. i'm leaving soon to hitchhike Europe and i wondered if any of you have some more tips to recognize bad people and intensions. i have 3 years of hitchhiking experience so i know about most of the general tips and tricks...
  3. tobepxt

    keep yer feet warm this winter. boot mod.

    if your boots dont keep your feet warm enough this idea seems like it would work. the idea is to take one of those windshield sun shades and cut some pieces out the same size as your boot insoles. put them in the bottom of your shoes and youre done.