1. P

    Tattoo/skank color meanings

    I know this is stupid but y'all know the common tattoos that many travelers have? (Arrow, squatters rights symbol, train tracks, etc.) ...are there specific meanings to all of these common symbols? Like are these trophies, badges of honor and stripes for accomplishing specific things as a...
  2. Athena212

    Stick and Poke Discussion!

    Hello stick and pokers....stuck home right now looking to start poking myself again. Been using a lame pencil rig and looking to up my game... What inks do yall use? Best needles? Let's see some pics!
  3. Longfoxbrock

    Red Ink recommendation for Stick'n'Poke

    Ok, so I wanna do my first stick and poke tattoo. I have drawn up a bind rune of my initials, and decided that I want to do this with red ink. What are some easy to come by red inks that work well? I've already got red ink in me so I shouldn't have to worry about 'red rash'. lemme know
  4. spike rodriguez

    Tattoo artist biking from Orlando to Savannah

    So I started riding from Miami to Orlando and I took sometime off but now I'm back on the road .... I packed all my tattoo stuff and I'm about to start riding my tall bike from Orlando to Savannah if anyone has a place to crash or if you have some hand me down bike parts or if you have any...
  5. Matt Derrick

    Video I got a tattoo in Slab City today

    Sorry this one is so short, I didn't really have time to plan out this video so I just cut together a few shots of getting this tattoo in Slab City today.
  6. Matt Derrick

    anarchy and face tats for all!

    haha, i was thinking, wondering, hoping, that someone out there that's going to the jambo (or someone in the slabs) knows how to tattoo semi-decently? I have a stupid-easy cover up i want done on my wrist (three thick black lines) and if i could find someone to do it, I figure i could buy a...

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