1. Matt Derrick

    What are the best/worst/strangest jobs you've gotten while traveling?

    Hey folks, I'm curious to know what are some of the strangest jobs you've gotten while traveling (or between travels). These could be strange, or just good jobs, or just really terrible jobs; as long as it makes for a decent story. The best tales will be read on the StP Podcast with credit given...
  2. Tetsuden

    Hello All!

    I'm lucius, ive had an account for a bit but never used it. I love travel but mainly travel for various music fests. I love weirdos so if ur a lil strange and passionate then let's be comrades
  3. Inuyoujo

    Within less than a month

    I'm not yet 2 weeks into my job when I decide to stop sleeping at the shelter. The other shelter clients wouldn't be quiet at night and staff was making a lot of issues among the clients worse. ::rage:: On my first night outside I meet a guy through a mutual friend and we start doing hand-stuff...