storm chasing

  1. DoctorZ

    My Storm Chase Vehicle

    It seems to be a popular subject on here when I post about my Storm Chasing. I made this video for the Storm Chasing Community, but maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I think it's long and boring. Link:
  2. DoctorZ

    Storm Chase Adventure!

    Since I was a kid, I've always been interested in Storm Chasing. I even tried to chase them on my bicycle! Unlike other Storm Chasers I'm more interested in "experiencing" the weather rather than just take pictures or video of it. The following is one of the best Storm Chase experiences I ever...
  3. DoctorZ

    My First Post: Howdy!

    I ran across this web site digging around on the Internet. Years ago, I used to be on a web site called which had a lot of the same type of content as on here. The only difference is it seems Digi-Hitch had a much older crowd. I've had my share of adventures, but none of them...