1. Matt Derrick

    Banned Juan Derlust banned for spamming the board with utter nonsense

    So I finally had to remove @Juan Derlust from the forums last week with a permanent ban. This was the culmination of a few weeks of utter nonsense posting, that I was being pretty kind about, but it got to the level where this user was posting SO often, along with a few others, that he was...
  2. Matt Derrick

    All members can now view deleted posts

    It occurred to me in this thread that giving everyone the ability to view content that has been removed by moderators might be useful in giving context to both why a person was banned and why that content was removed in the first place. So, all members can now view 'soft' deleted content (i.e...
  3. Matt Derrick

    Anti-spam Rules Updated

    I've updated the rules regarding our spam policies today. In addition to the rules that were there before, I've added the following paragraph: "We have expanded our spam rules to include people that message us asking for money, bus tickets, or train information via phone/email. For example, if...