1. Bungus666

    What are your experiences like hitchhiking in Alaska?

    When I turned 18 I hitchhiked from WA to Portland OR. After lots of soul searching I decided to go to Alaska. I stayed all around the Kenai Peninsula for almost 3 years before returning to WA. I met lots of very nice and a few not so nice folks. I worked for housing and made work connections...
  2. M

    Solo Female Hitching Den-SF

    So, I'm 18, and tired of mundane 9-5 societal life, and am ready to embark on a journey of spiritual growth, and personal freedom. I'm headed from Denver to San Francisco solo.. I'm semi-new to this, but am excited for something new. Debating if I want a road dog or if I can do it alone.. Any...
  3. beginnavagabond

    First solo journey

    I am working at a farm in Minnesota this summer and I thought it'd be a good idea to travel somewhere new after I start working there. I was planning on taking a greyhound from Minnesota to Portland or somewhere in California but I may see if I can get a ride from a bigger city like Sioux Falls...
  4. A

    Longboard Tour!

    Hai! I'm gonna be catching out for a national longboard solo tour of the South/South-West in late February. Anyone have any experience or suggestions? My plan is to use Rails-To-Trails and whatnot where possible, and roads the rest of the way. I'll be regularly stopping in towns every few...

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