1. Cornelius Vango

    Photos Slab City Library 2018 update

    This past winter season at SCL has been INTENSE. Mostly in a great way. We've had ups, some downs and were thrown a few loops. Overall, I feel like we've grown quite a lot. This is the first summer since I've re-established the place that it's been able to continue running without me for an...
  2. Cornelius Vango

    Video A Day in the Life of Maci

    This was a pretty fun video to make
  3. Cornelius Vango

    Video The Real Slab City - interviews with year round residents

    I just finished my Slabsterpiece today! Enjoy an inside look at life in the apocalypse!!
  4. W

    Best way to get from LA to Slab City?

    What is the best way for someone without a car to get from Los Angeles to Slab City? Without a good sized city nearby it looks like it could be tough. Would it be best to head out straight from LA towards Joshua Tree? Or is it better to go to San Diego and hang a left? Seems like San Diego might...
  5. EphemeralStick

    Event NOV 17 First Spoken Word of the Season

    NOVEMBER 17 @ SUNDOWN @ LIZARD TREE LIBRARY, SLAB CITY Greetings everyone! It's time to kick off the Slab winter season with the return of Spoken Word Thursdays, hosted by yours truly, Andy. This will be a weekly event so if you can't make it don't worry! There will be plenty of...
  6. S

    Anybody going threw louisiana wanna grab a van?

    Figured id try getting this more attention with its own thread. I have a van here in hammond that would be awesome to smash for a demo derby for the jambo. Only problem is i have no way to move it. I'm willing to pay gas money and buy whatever hitch equipment is needed to get it out there. If...
  7. TMG51

    Photos This weekend from Slab City.

    Came over to the Slabs for the weekend. Figured I'd post a few pictures and details for anyone who hasn't been. I picked up a French exchange student on the way. He had a grant from his university to come to the States and study people living the vehicle life, and as part of that he wanted to...
  8. EtherealLifeForms


    Hey Everyone Im Ethereal aka Jazzy. I am from Wa originally but currently in Ar. I am headed West to Slab City asap with my gee-tar, bike, kayak, hammock & most of my sanity. I suck at intros so check out my profile if youre insatiably curious :p. I am new to StP but not entirely new...

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