slab city library

  1. Pdog

    Yesterdays travels Los Angeles to Slab City

    Most people hate mondays. However yesterday I took the opportunity to check out Slab City Library and the Salton Sea. I gotta say the drive was worth it! I just wish i had more time off work. Anyways, back to work!
  2. VikingAdventurer

    Video New video from Slab City Library!

    Here's a new video I just uploaded!
  3. VikingAdventurer

    Video Some updates on the Slab City Library

    Hey, everyone! Sorry about the "radio silence", I've had my hands pretty full lately. To make a long story short, I've been working closely with @Cornelius Vango at the Slab City Library. Last month, they placed me in charge of the place. It's been a LOT of work, but extremely rewarding so...
  4. Cornelius Vango

    Video Library Projects and Fun! (my newest video)

    This is a video I took of the end of the season. A few STP staff and members are in this!
  5. EphemeralStick

    Event NOV 17 First Spoken Word of the Season

    NOVEMBER 17 @ SUNDOWN @ LIZARD TREE LIBRARY, SLAB CITY Greetings everyone! It's time to kick off the Slab winter season with the return of Spoken Word Thursdays, hosted by yours truly, Andy. This will be a weekly event so if you can't make it don't worry! There will be plenty of...
  6. Caveman118

    Caveman from Slab City library..

    Hey im the caveman from slab city library, Finally created a profile, rarely online but let me know if u have questions about the library or just say whats up