seasonal jobs

  1. Tengu91

    Best/Worst Seasonal Gigs?

    My first experience really traveling was going to Alaska last summer after leaving a factory gig in Ohio. I worked in the Denali State Park for the Holland-America Princess Cruise Lines at a wilderness lodge in the middle of nowhere. I absolutely LOVED it! The pay was good and even after...
  2. Wheates15

    Looking for work in PDX

    Hi this is my first post, not sure if it's gonna be taken seriously but I am just recently back in Portland Oregon and am hoping to find full time work ASAP. I have over 10 years experience working in restaurants as busser, runner, and server, also some kitchen prep work. I also have a lot of...
  3. atomicnumber9

    Your favorite seasonal/holiday job(s)?

    If I'm gonna work some shit jobs I might as well do it in the prettiest places. What are/were some of your favorite seasonal jobs? Includes housing? I've been looking into winter jobs for ski resorts around CO, UT, & CA but I wanna know what other's have experienced with short stay work. Thanks...
  4. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs What to expect when working for Amazon during the holidays

    About Amazon’s CamperForce Last updated on 1/23/17 for accuracy. 2016 was my fifth year working in Amazon’s CamperForce. I think most people who full-time must have heard about this opportunity by now, but I still get a...
  5. Tom Hilsee

    Working Cranberry Bogs in Massachusetts

    Well I'm all out of a job and its mid September in Massachusetts-- harvest time for cranberries right? Does anyone know of any particular farms that are a good place to call up? I suppose down on the Cape or out by Plymouth?
  6. Dunedrifter

    Jobs on tall-ships available

    If anyone's interested, there are job openings on two historic recreations of tall-ships here on the west coast. The Lady Washington, and Hawaiian Chieftan. I've been on the Lady W, and It's an awesome experience. The crew was made up of a diverse group of people that sails up and down west...