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  1. D

    High School Hellcats

    I'm fascinated by old juvenile delinquent films, and this one happens to have a squatted movie theater as a gang club house in it!
  2. TheTexasRoadrunner

    Old school great depression era bindle sack

    Found this old pic some time ago and since one of my bandanas is 42x42 I decided to try it out and it actually works. The weight is good especially if your Into minimalist style of traveling like me.
  3. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs Why a Converted School Bus Makes a Great Home

    by Will Sutherland Converting a school bus into a skoolie offers a comfortable, affordable living space that can go anywhere the road might take you. When you think of a school bus, you might not consider it as a potential dwelling. That’s understandable. We are familiar with pull-behind...
  4. TheTexasRoadrunner

    Old school bindle

    Will be heading back on the road on Dec. 6th with my pups after taking a almost two months break. Instead of carrying a huge pack this time I instead decided to stay traditional and will be using a bindle with a woobie blanket ( poncho liner) tied to the end of my bindle stick. The bandana is a...
  5. DoctorZ

    Would You Squat in The Old Moose Lake, MN, High School? It's Haunted!

    I believe This building is still abandoned--the old Moose Lake High School. Only thing is--It's haunted! Duluth Paranormal Society Investigates What Can't Be Explained - Fox21Online - https://www.fox21online.com/2017/10/29/duluth-paranormal-society-investigates-cant-explained/
  6. Matt Derrick

    Photos School bus length infographic

    I found this interesting infographic on the Rolling Vistas blog, and thought I'd repost it here for anyone that might be interested in seeing a great comparison between the different sizes of school buses out there. I've also included their YouTube video on the subject since it's pretty...
  7. CelticWanderer

    Housed up for a long while, so, maybe school?

    So, at the start of last year I tore my ACL working trails in cali and had to get reconstructive surgery, wound up back in Georgia and am still recovering. Doc says it can be up to 13 months before I can do something like trail work again. In the mean time ive been thinking about how my body...
  8. ScumRag

    News & Blogs Is "growing up" giving up? Chicago's old school band, "the bollweevils"

    https://www.pbs.org/newshour/amp/show/for-decades-chicago-punk-rockers-embrace-their-unconventional-hobby PBS NewsHour Logo: Home MenuShare For decades, Chicago punk rockers embrace their unconventional hobby Arts Dec 15, 2018 05:10 PM EST By — Jay Shefsky, WTTW Transcript In Chicago, members...
  9. Michael Patterson

    Professional Laborer .....Old School Mover

    Hello STP. Looking for work and a ride to San Antonio, TX. Will help with food and keep you alert on the road.
  10. Matt Derrick

    News & Blogs A Couple Convert An Old School Bus Into A Light and Efficient Family Home

    A Couple Convert An Old School Bus Into A Light and Efficient Family Home By Melissa Dalton – February 27, 2018 The Mayes family transformed a Thomas High Top into a well-organized and airy humble abode, using thoughtful storage and a minimalist color palette. When Gabriel and Debbie Mayes...
  11. Matt Derrick

    Video The Free Tea Bus - Crazy Awesome Bus Conversion

    In this video Guisepi Spadafora (a former train hopper) shows off the bus they've been living in for the past ten years. There's some insanely awesome build ideas you can take from this video if you're interested in converting your own school bus. Guisepi also gives away free tea as a way to...
  12. adventurekid


    Anyone else on here in high school? Specifically Homeschool? I feel like not having to worry about all that school and law shit would be a lot easier for me to go out and travel, but I don't know?...I'm just sorta talking to myself becuase I don't have friends to discuss random shit with. Oh...
  13. Cornelius Vango

    Video School Bus Descends From Over 6000 Ft - A playlist

    This is a video of my mountain drive set to a doom metal playlist. There's a little tour of the interior of my bus at the end.
  14. autumn

    Scam School Part IV - Almost anything you want, for free

    I've been meaning to write this for a while, but have been too busy to get around to it. In part 4, we will be exploring how you can acquire pretty much anything you want for free. The downside is that you have to put the money up first, but you are guaranteed to get your money back. In part V I...
  15. Louie the wheatpaste guy

    Reported Content: Conversation Message in 'more scam school please'

    Conversation Message in 'more scam school please' by Louie the wheatpaste guy has been reported by Louie the wheatpaste guy. Reason given: Content being reported:
  16. A

    News & Blogs SuperTarget SuperShoplifter School

    http://www.textfiles.com/uploads/supertarget.txt This article is a comprehensive guide on how to successfully shoplifting. Its sick!! *****Stealing SuperTarget: How to Hit the Bullseye***** By: Xap First Created Industriously on: 11/28/2004 Between the Hours of: Midnight and 8 AM Boring but...
  17. dumpsternavel

    Jerome AZ Old High School Performance Space

    Yo yo yo Currently, I am in Jerome, AZ. One of my favorite places I've been to thus far; during my travels. Waiting in a re-vamped high school, turned art studio space parking lot. Finishing a 40 oz.~ with my love crashed out sideways from passenger seat to my lap. Waitin' for one of the...
  18. Slingshot Collective

    Police Raid Landless Workers Movement's National School

    "In Brazil, the Landless Workers Movement, known as the MST, is facing increasing repression, including the detention of at least 10 organizers. On November 4, state police raided MST’s National School in São Paulo, firing live ammunition and detaining two MST members, including a 64-year-old...

    1997 international school/ party bus - $4500

    COMES COMPLETE WITH A OOGLE STRIPPING POLE SANITIZER WIPES NOT INCLUDED For sale is a 1997 international school/ party bus. Diesel motor, auto transmission 107,000 miles air/ juice brakes. Inside was converted to bench seats for party trips. Runs and drives all tires are good. Rear engine...
  20. autumn

    Scam School Pt III: Free Headphones

    You fuckers better actually reply to this thread if you're going to go through with it, so that I know people are interested in he continuation of the series For part 3, and every part after this, you will still need an address. To pull this off successfully, you will need to be cool and calm...