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  1. seeking existence

    Ride Offered SF Bay Area to Michigan/Midwest Express - San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Central Valley California,

    Hi! I am driving from the SF Bay Area to Michigan and the Midwest sometime in the next week or 2 or sooner for new job. If you need a ride, please contact me ([email protected] - 916-623-5512). Rough route: SF Bay Area, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Sacramento, central valley CA to Midwest/East...
  2. seeking existence

    Event The Humyn Experience - This Weekend 4/16-4/17 at UCSC

    Dear All, Hope everyone's spring is going splendidly! (mine isn't so much, but I haven't lost hope, solidarity with everyone who's also struggling with life one way or another) Anywho, this is kind of late notice, but my rad friends at UCSC are hosting this really awesome and interesting...
  3. seeking existence

    Event UC Santa Cruz Camper/Trailer Park Olympics 2015

    Nestled near the northern edge of the UC Santa Cruz campus, betwixt and between the border of the mighty redwood forests, exists a thriving camper/trailer park where rad students, undergraduates and graduates alike, study and live; students who live here call themselves "parkies". More ephemeral...

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