rubber trampin

  1. Lobostonto

    Janky $10CAD bug netPhotos 

    Pit stop at the papitos house to put these bug nets on. Yes, they're very fucking janky but if it works it works, amirite? $6CAD exterior window netting from Canadian Tire and Gorilla tape $4CAD
  2. Lobostonto

    How to become a vagabond at 21

    When I was a kid, I remember school myths of “the hobo in the woods”, and we’d all snoop around this chainlink fence by the woods searching for this imaginary hobo, that probably never existed. Ironically, I am now that hobo. Except I’m not camped out by an elementary school. (That would be...
  3. wanderlovejosh

    Going to rubber tramp rendezvous?

    Just wondering if anyone was planning to go to this? It's in quartzite, January 10-22.
  4. Dmac

    hitchhiking/train hopping/rubber tramping

    I found this video today and thought others might like it too. by the Nikon kid, not to be confused with "the Polaroid Kid".