rubber tramp

  1. Lobostonto

    Janky $10CAD bug netPhotos 

    Pit stop at the papitos house to put these bug nets on. Yes, they're very fucking janky but if it works it works, amirite? $6CAD exterior window netting from Canadian Tire and Gorilla tape $4CAD
  2. Lobostonto

    How to become a vagabond at 21

    When I was a kid, I remember school myths of “the hobo in the woods”, and we’d all snoop around this chainlink fence by the woods searching for this imaginary hobo, that probably never existed. Ironically, I am now that hobo. Except I’m not camped out by an elementary school. (That would be...
  3. Driveby

    Cross country via Stuart the astro vanPhotos 

    First trip sense I got the van. South Florida to Oakland California. was my best friend. Tried to camp off grid in the woods/mountains every night, but if I was not looking for camp by like 6-7pm I'd usually say fug it get some drink an park it in front some apartments. No cops...
  4. ZoGeist

    farm jobs - down south or out west?

    hey folks ~ Does anyone know of any good farm spots to work at / park at in the southern states? Or out west? (Areas like Virginia, the carolinas, new orleans, texas, arizona, new mexico, colorado... Time frame is this upcoming November to March. Traveling by van. Temp work in exchange for van...
  5. cherryb0mb

    How do you find friends/conversation on the road?

    Man, idk where else to put this. I’ve been on the road for some time. I’m antisocial by nature, very introverted. Rarely do people approach me and I’m getting lonely of it. I want to say something when I see someone but I don’t. People drive by laughing together in their cars and it stings. I...
  6. Burdock

    RV versus PNW winter

    Whats up y'all? I'm a new-ish RV-dweller (I got my rig, an '88 Jamboree, in early spring) and as summer and my current agricultural gig come to a close up here in Oregon I'm starting to think through where I should be going next. I've got roots back in Portland and I'm kinda eager to get back...
  7. Vis

    General Question(s) For Rubbertrampers That Drive or Ride in Wheelchair Accesible Vans

    If you never traveled with someonw who is or you aren't wheelchair bound, how did it impact travel, both before taking off and while driving? If you did have passengers who were or you yourself are wheechair bound, was there any impact during travel, both before taking off and while driving...
  8. cherryb0mb

    Predictable introduction here!

    departing from my home state in my unreliable Ford Explorer (that I scored for FREE) finally since I was old enough to hold a map. bought a ‘75 club wagon, it turned into a paper weight poor thing. seeking destination, well not really seeking journey and big trees I guess. anyways if u see a...
  9. BirdDaddy

    Agreement reached on possession of Bus!!!!

    After a long couple of months, the ex-girlfriend has finally decided to let me keep Finch. Finch being the first bus we purchased together and converted into a home. It’s named after my best friend Cody John Finch Kandler who originally inspired me to live the lifestyle of a vagabond . Finch...
  10. Cornelius Vango

    Photo Tour of my BusPhotos 

    Now that I've been living full-time in my bus instead of just using it as a detachable bedroom and work truck, I decided to take some pictures of my set-up.
  11. Cornelius Vango

    Leaving Slab City - packing up my bus and saying goodbyesVideo 

    This is the first of the videos I'll be uploading about my on-going adventure rubber-tramping poor (as fuck) from Slab City to Alaska where I have tentative plans for adventure!
  12. kylethree8

    Starting my rubber tramp travels

    What's up StP. Been reading the forums for awhile before becoming a member, figured I'd join in on the fun. My names Kyle, I'm just starting out on the on the road with my less than perfect truck ( we'll see how far it takes me ha) done some short term travels but I plan to be out and...
  13. adventurekid

    Thinking about buying a van

    So my original plan was to just hop trains and hitch rides, which is good and all, but I started thinking about maybe taking a van instead. So I have a few questions.. Van reccomendations? (I was thinking like either a service van or an old VW bus. I want to rip the seats out and put in a bed...
  14. thewildkindness

    Recent Travels - AZ, UT, ID, WY, WA, OR, CAPhotos 

    August travels. we put a lot of miles on my friends truck, had a great time, but i didn't exactly end up where i planned... back where i started lol in the sonoran desert Sedona Grand Canyon Moab, UT Wyoming Wyoming makin time at midnight Castle Rocks, Idaho...
  15. JozieHighroller

    Headed from Minneapolis to Dallas, need fly spots/places to jug!

    My wife and I are trying to make it to Dallas by Monday by the skin of our teeth and were just wondering if anyone had advice on solid spot down the I35 or any other bits of advice, thanks!
  16. Leo Cristo

    newb to stp and switching from leather to rubber.

    ayo. I'm Leo. ive been back and forth from rubber to leather for a few years and finally got some new rubber. don't know where at I wanna continue onto ive been all over the states a bit so thinking about going back to south America or up to Canada/Alaska. I never have a solid plan but would...
  17. Honky Lips

    Howdy in G A...

    I've never jumped a train... but I'm all man! Most of my travels have been by motorcycle. I've spent a lot of time stealth camping and generally avoiding campgrounds and motels. I've slowed down on moto's and have a car I'm modifying for stealth camping and roadtrippin'... Anybody round here...
  18. wanderlovejosh

    Going to rubber tramp rendezvous?

    Just wondering if anyone was planning to go to this? It's in quartzite, January 10-22.
  19. S

    Hello world.

    Hello world.
  20. TMG51

    So, my wheel almost fell off.Photos 

    I don't usually post these experiences here, so I'm feeling this out. Here goes. Driving down the road Sunday I started to notice my driver's side front wheel "dribbling" over every tiny bump in the road. I'd hear it bounce around on any tiny thing even a slight crack in the asphalt. I pulled...
  21. D


    My name is Geraldo, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. The chick with purple hair and the "I will fucking murder you" eyes in my avatar is me. That terrified-looking ball of fluff in my avatar is my dog, Cujo Jonathan Bear. I'm planning on heading out in mid to late August. I've taken off...
  22. 40oz in a rut

    Rubber Tramping in a small car

    I got a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am with a close to rebuilt motor. I want to travel from desert of southern California up the pacific northwest this summer possibly into Canada. I never lived out of my car for more than a few days at a time does anyone got tips for traveling and living in a small 4...
  23. Rowan

    Any advice for locking my truck cap from the inside?

    Last year I got a really solid Chevy Silverado with a cap on the back and I've been spending the last few months very slowly fixing it up. It's about ready to hit the road! Just needs new tires, a minor repair to the tailpipe, and a locking t-handle so people can't get in and take my shit. I've...
  24. wanderlovejosh

    New to the site, former leather trampsVideo 

    Hello! We are Josh and katy! So a little about us. Last year we hitch hiked across the US from east coast to west coast. Starting we made our way to Missouri so I (Josh) could meet Katy's family, as we had basically just stared dating.. Crazy right? But hey when you meet that one person. Then...
  25. BuiltForComfortNotSpeed

    New Here and Ready to Go. Any Takers?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently in NW Ohio and leaving within the next two weeks. Don't know where I'm going yet so I'm up for ideas for a warmer area and prefer being able to work. My ultimate goal would be to get back to rubber tramping. I don't have a vehicle since I haven't needed one in the...