ride needed

  1. Chokechain

    Seeking Ride Portland OR to Canada (Coleman Alberta)

    Been searching forever looking for the proper route to enter canada coming from Portland OR, without a passport. I need to go to Coleman Alberta. Planning on hitching unless someone can teach me the fine art of hoppin. If you're in or near Portland OR and are down to give me a little boost in...
  2. Chokechain

    Portland OR to Canada (Coleman Alberta)

    Howdy. Early in recovery very sober need a lil big adventure. Looking for someone to show me the ropes hoppin or any chilers who might be passing through Portland as well. Leaving Oceanside tonight and Landing in OR tomorrow night; Down to leave whenever the synchronicities present themselves...
  3. rowleyshelby

    Hey there!

    While searching the web for different sites to use to find travellers like myself wanting to head west, I found this lovely site. In general, me and my partner are stuck in Ohio (worst place to be stuck, mind you) and headed to California! Looking for people that may also be headed that way, or...
  4. alrighthelp

    New here trying to get the fuck outta Texas

    Anyone wanna flee the Lone Star state with me?