ride needed

  1. Darby Howard

    Seeking Ride Louisville ky to Helena mt

    Departing from: Louisville Kentucky Destination: Helena Montana Date range: ASAP About me: I'm 20, drug free, alcohol free, don't smoke cigs ethier. I'm into nature, and music. I'm helpful. I feel like I'm filling in a dating bio lol. Anyway I'd greatly appreciate it if you could give me a...
  2. TiffanyKC1488

    Seeking Ride Homesick for summer on the river in oregon

    Departing from: Stockton Ca. or anywhere close Destination: Azalea, Or. (33 miles north of Grants Pass) Date range: Anytime after tomorrow 6/12 About Me: My boyfriend, myself, and our cabbage patch baby ;-) are looking for a ride home from stockton to Azalea. I haven't been home in almost 6...
  3. Al norris

    Seeking Ride seeking ride to florida

    Departing from: Atlanta airport Destination: st. Augustine Trying to get to job , and stuck in atlanta, can anyone help, thanks
  4. CreatureOftheNight

    Seeking Ride from SAN DiEGO to SAN FRANCISCO

    Departing from: SAN DiEGO Destination: WASHiNGTON or OREGON Date range: whenever Hello hello and thank you for clicking on me! I'm a mellow fellow with girl bits (non-binary) i smoke on occasion (just grits and weed) and I've got a few doll hairs i can pitch in for gas or food or whatever. I'm...
  5. Darby Howard

    Seeking Ride Austin Texas to Helena Montana

    Departing from: Austin Texas Destination: Helena Montana Date range: just one way About me: I'm 20, I love music, I'm having a hard time with financial problems so a friend is letting me stay in montana so i can get a job and save up to get a RV. I can pitch in on gas money, i can buy some...
  6. Novathebrightest

    Seeking Ride Looking for someone to keep me company! Hitch-hiking or not!!

    Departing from: Melbourne, FL Destination: Anywhere out of this state :) Date range: I am trying to leave sometime around 6/20 or that general time and I am not trying to return, I want this to be my new beginning into traveling! About me: Hello, I am new to this life-style but have thought...
  7. Kerrviii

    Seeking Ride San Francisco to Chicago

    hi everyone... I am looking for a ride share from San Francisco to Chicago in the near future... as long as you are safe and reliable I can Take a train to meet you somewhere or choose a different destination. I just need to get out of San Francisco and get back to Chicago. Please let me know if...
  8. Dcook213

    Seeking Ride Getting out

    In north al looking to get to newmexico asap....anyhelp?
  9. P

    Seeking Ride Tucson to Philadelphia

    Looking to hitch or get a ride from Tucson to Philadelphia.willing to help in has.very in need
  10. Adamc

    Seeking Ride San Diego to Texas

    Anyone traveling through San Diego and headed through the south? Looking for a ride next week for July 1st. More or less. Thanks!
  11. Laura

    Seeking Ride Need a ride from Utah to Los Angeles

    Hello, My name is Laura and I am 22 years old and seeking a ride from Salt Lake City Utah to Los Angeles. I have a couple suitcases of stuff and a small kitten (who would stay in her carrier, she loves traveling) Let me know if you'd be able to help
  12. floridagirlNicole

    Seeking Ride Fort Myers FL to CA

    I am stuck in Fort Myers Florida and really need help getting to California. I'm just a girl with not much luggage and trying to avoid the pervs of craigslist, so far no kind souls have offered help.
  13. adventureangela

    Seeking Ride Ride Needed to the rainbow gathering!!!

    Hey peoples!!!! my name is angela, just turned 29yrs old, half white half argentinean, Pan and taken. long distance relationships suk but im in one anyway blaaaaaaah!! im currently living with my parents(ugh)in the east bay area(ill only tell u wat town i live in in confidence). im very chill...
  14. Biz Chronta

    Seeking Ride Chimney mason moving to CO for work *ride needed

    Hello, Due to some recent life changes I am moving to Colorado for work. I need to be out there ASAP. Looking for someone headed that way willing to split gas and drive out there in a day or two. I smoke but am willing to do so at rest areas. I like good music and convo but am fine with reading...
  15. foxcommathe

    Seeking Ride Raleigh, NC, to Delaware/Philly

    Looking for a ride from Raleigh, NC, to Delaware or Philly tomorrow night (Wednesday night) or Thursday morning. Or any rides any portions of the way. :) Currently backpacking around the US.
  16. foxcommathe

    Seeking Ride Asheville, NC to Delaware/Philly

    Hey! Me and my backpack need to be in Delaware ASAP. Currently in Asheville, NC. Very small budget but offer amazing conversation!!! :) :) Also play a mean kazoo. ;)
  17. TrenchPoet

    Seeking Ride NWPA->Charleston,SC (pref. Mt Pleasant)

    Yo guys. I haven't posted more than an introduction, and as I sort of was weirdly cryptic, I figured lack of response was due to that. Regardless, I'm tryin' to make it down south for a bit. I haven't come up with a set in stone time as a I have a few things to manage here first, but I thought I...
  18. CarliiBT

    Seeking Ride Bay area to Washington DC

    Hey is anyone heading towards Washington DC from the bay area before january 20th?
  19. DeadbeatDBeat

    Seeking Ride Albuquerque to Colorado Springs

    My road dawg and I are currently sitting in the Capitol of New Mexico, and are trying to get to Colorado Springs ASAP. Tips on Dumpster Diving and Sign flyin' in Albuquerque also much appreciated!
  20. TheActOfLeaving

    Seeking Ride South from Oregon

    I'm in Oregon right now, hoping to get South. Aiming for Marfa TX but happy to be left in Cali or Colorado etc along the route. In Molalla OR currently but will probably be in Portland before the day's done, will be trying to head out from there over the next couple days. Will rando hitchhike...