1. Honey Crust

    Resources For Trans Folks On The Road?

    Hey all, I’m a traveling trans girl who’s been on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for about a year and a half. My pharmacy is in Denver, and whenever I needed to refill my prescription during the summer I’d have to make my way back to Colorado once a month to get my hormones. I’d like to not...
  2. Matt Derrick

    Hitchhiking MegathreadMegathread 

    -- Hitchhiking Megathread -- Contribute comments, edits, and additions by replying to this thread and a moderator will add it to this post. Useful websites for Hitchhiking HitchWiki - In my opinion this is the most comprehensive resource of information regarding hitchhiking on the internet...
  3. He Who Abides

    Looking for digital sailing resources

    Hi! I've not posted here much but I figure I should start giving it a go. Hello! I used to live on a sailboat with me pa when I was a lad, and I learned a little bit, but it's been some time now and I'm thinking of getting myself a fixer upper sail dinghy to learn on. What can I say? The sea...