1. Matt Derrick

    New items in the Etsy Store (bandanas are back!)

    Website Updates 
    Hey folks, just a general announcement to let you know that not only are the very popular StP Bandanas back, but we now have new patches ($3), pins ($2), and stickers ($4 for 10) all available! This includes the new patch/pin/sticker design mentioned here! Check out the Etsy store here...
  2. Matt Derrick

    Would you be interested in StP patches or pins/buttons?

    Hey folks, I'm posting this to gauge interest and see if the community would be interested in buying StP patches or pins/buttons? The patches would probably be $3 (4x4 inches) and pins/buttons would be around $2. I'd probably use the same design as the stickers we have, but I'm thinking about...