1. black

    hai from GA. pagans, An-Coms, musicians, and greenhorn woodsfolk here. come say hi.

    hello all. i'm randi. i'm 24, an Esetrother, long time libertarian socialist, and beginner outdoorsman. me and my wife are just starting our dive into squatting and leaving behind suburban life. we are currently both gathering resources/tools and educating ourselves on the necessary...
  2. A

    OMG Hai! :3

    O Hai! I'm Aari! My hingeloom (spirit animal) is a cat. So, naturally: I'm sassy af, overly confident when I'm not being shy and antisocial, hella independent, nocturnal, and kind of a prissy bitch. And I'm #Flawless!!! Meow :3 Born under the Scorpio sun and Virgo moon. I'm hella passionate...