1. rando


    Been working in Montana for the winter so I could get some new gear. Finally the time came to go out gear hunting! We all know how rad it is to slip into a brand new sleeping bag or sling on a shiny new pack, but it feels even better when we get a good deal, right? In a pawn shop in Hamilton...
  2. John Wick

    Has anyone tried Teton brand packs/gear?

    I'm trying to assemble a bug out bag/ vagabond bag for myself. In the survival community, a bug out bag is a bag that supports a person surviving for 3 days when moving from a dangerous location to a safer location in an emergency. I have a mediocre bug out bag and would like to convert it to be...
  3. Berky

    Recommended Brands for Packs

    Hey there everyone! I have a question for those who have experience living out of a pack for long periods of time. What brand would you most recommend? I plan on train hopping this summer and also a little bit of camping. What brand is most durable/reliable? Also, if there is any specific packs...
  4. JanKrusz

    Show ya pouches and fanny packs :)

    A thread like "show your backpack" but for pouches and fannys ;) will post mine when ill get home .
  5. Will Wood

    Found a great deal..

    Have you found a good deal on kit, or have a good link for finding the stuff we can use?? I'll start. I found a down sleeping bag for 20 bucks, and a Kelty Yukon backpack for 10 bucks. The backpack is a bit small at 48 liters, but I'm going to make it work.. I'd upload pics, but the camera...
  6. Tastebitterfruit

    Is it a dumb idea to travel with a duffel bag?

    Okay so like I'm about to be homeless so I figure I might as well make the most of it. I'm gonna take what little money I have and book it. Problem is I'm not entirely sure what I should spend on and what I'll be okay with out. I already have a shitty tent and sleeping bag and a duffel bag I can...