1. Pack Back

    Pack Back

    Headin back out again today!
  2. Coywolf

    My winter gear setup/list

    Thought I'd share my winter gear setup, see what ya'll thought about it. I do realize it's alot more than most carry, but I'm used to it, and I use every piece of it. Gear List: Pack -Osprey Aether AG 70L -Osprey waterproof pack liner Shelter/sleeping: -OR Advanced Bivy -8x10' tarp...
  3. D


    Just got into the idea of, when carrying my sometimes extra dog food, extra water on my semi heavy pack, why not rig of an impermanent tumpline to use my neck and noggin to take a little weight off the shoulder and hips. Gonna try her out. Checking out primitive gear and packs got me on it. Even...
  4. beginnavagabond

    Is the Osprey Aether 70 a good backpack?

    I am looking at a backpack that was top rated on Google: Osprey Aether 70. It looks good, it has a frame and promoted airflow with your back. I think it looks good and I wanted to know what you think of it. Thank you! Osprey Aether 70
  5. crow

    Here's my Battlepack!

    hey so i wore this pack until it fell apart and the zipper completely broke. when a friend hoooked me up with a new pack, and brother gave me a medical reserve pack, i saw an opportunity to keep mah beloved squirrel pack and went to work... small though it is, this pack carries...
  6. D

    My pack. The nice expensive deathtrap (Advice?)

    I just bought the most amazing pack in the world. It's three pounds, fits me like a glove. All the weight is on my hips and not my shoulders/back. I fucking love this pack. But there's a teensy tiny little problem: SWEET HELLO KITTIE JESUS THIS THING HAS SO MANY FUCKING STRAPS AND HOOKS AND...