new hobo

  1. Lolasantana

    Today's my first day!

    Not my first day on stp, I've been on here for a couple of weeks reading everyone's posts. Today's me and my boyfriends last day in our apartment. Today feels so monumental, yet I'm scared as shit! I've thrown away so much stuff and we're so ready to see where things go. We're gonna be traveling...
  2. Tastebitterfruit

    Is it a dumb idea to travel with a duffel bag?

    Okay so like I'm about to be homeless so I figure I might as well make the most of it. I'm gonna take what little money I have and book it. Problem is I'm not entirely sure what I should spend on and what I'll be okay with out. I already have a shitty tent and sleeping bag and a duffel bag I can...
  3. indigofox

    I wanted to say hi to everyone. Been lurking awhile and finally joined in. After traveling in bursts

    Hey everybody! Like I said, been lurking a long time. Gone on travels and about to go again. Due to a grow op that i decided aint gonna work. I'm just finishing what beer I can't carry ATM. Lookin forward to swapping some stories!