need a ride

  1. D

    Seeking Ride From Omaha to Iowa in summer!

    Hello community, I'm going to Omaha NE in spring, but after looking into it, I see it would be best to move on after an event I plan on attending in May. I'm looking for a ride out of Omaha in June! I'm looking at Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Des Monies. I can't drive, but I'll have gas money...
  2. TobyFreeman

    Seeking Ride Abilene, TX to Prineville, Oregon (Or Close Enough)

    I’m in need of a lift from Abilene, Texas to Prineville, Oregon or neighboring Redmond or Bend Oregon. My name is James Christian Toby Freeman. I’m 6’4 and 170lbs. I’m intelligent and kind and an excellent listener and always curious to hear the life stories of others. My DOB is 6/9/1988 (31...