national forest

  1. SolunahTribe

    Looking for peeps interested in setting up a tribe

    Ok lets reword this post lol. So pretty much i am part of solunah tribe. It is a nomadic animist tribe that lives within national forest. Solunah is made up of clans. Each clan has a chief and all the clans trade with one another and support the tribe as a whole. We are trying to establish clans...
  2. IMG_0352.JPG


    Definitely one of the prettiest roads I've been on.
  3. Apple Core

    Police/Forest Service Presence at Rainbow Gatherings?

    Hey! It's been a bit since I've posted on here. So I've heard about rainbow gatherings in the past, seen many people talk about them, and then heard a lot about them while spending some time at The Garden in TN. I've also just recently finished reading People Of The Rainbow: A Nomadic Utopia...