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  1. SouthernSammon

    Photos Laurel Yard Montana, anybody has plans out here come spring?

    I’m staying with some family in Montana this winter, so I naturally found myself hanging out at the closest yard. Here’s some pictures of a few tags I found, featuring Stobe and Wingman. Thinking about hopping out of here come spring. Seems like a fairly easy catch. Especially the crew change...
  2. spoons

    stealth camping round bozeman mt

    hey folks, i'm moving my sis out to bozeman mt where she'll be training w a wildfire crew out there! we don't have a place to stay and are thinkin of just camping out-anyone here have any suggestions for where around bozeman might be a good place to camp for a few nights? already looking...
  3. Micelli0011

    Cle to Montana

    Looking for a ride from Cleveland to Montana ASAP. Will share cost of gas
  4. Cheese

    Dingo...how has no one ever met a Dingo

    It was at the Montana Folk Festival in Butte. Fuck. 2011? 2012? A lifetime and a half ago. You had a bird's wing tucked in your bandana and a rope tail. You were probably my biggest influence towards this life. We just bullshitted around Butte for 2 hours, showed you my dad's bus (its come a...
  5. D

    Featured Wisconsin to Montana Freight Hop, Hi-Line Subdivision

    I never forgot my childhood in Louisiana, growing up hopping freight trains a handful of times, and have always wanted to do it again. I recently reached out to @Gulysses3 , expressing an interest in tagging along on a trip. At times, the nature of my work involves reaching out to strangers...
  6. D

    WBD & EBD catch out at Whitefish, Montana

    Upon request, I'm forwarding this info on from a friend. Long story short, BE VERY MINDFUL/RESPECTFUL when catching trains out of Whitefish, Montana. WBD and EBD catchout waiting spot at Whitefish, MT: The following here is a general shout-out to all riders, WBD and EBD: There’s a lot of...
  7. Laundromatt

    Havre montana yard

    Hey y'all, just wondering if anyone has any info/experience with the Havre yard in Montana. I just bailed from my ride on a 53 because I heard that they do some pretty extensive inspections on the trains out here. I'm wondering if that's still a thing and if so how extensive is the inspection...
  8. Darby Howard

    Squatting in montana

    I'm in east Helena mt and just tryna find a good abandoned house to squat. Any tips?
  9. gathernogloss

    busking in montana (along the HI LINE)

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G72Eq9vy8qA
  10. skycomanche

    East Idaho? Southern Montana?

    I've been on this site for about a month now and i haven't seen anyone from east Idaho (namely Idaho Falls area) or Montana (Bozeman area) and was wondering if there are a few around to get to know. I'm hoping to finish high school here in Bozeman and start my journey across america, but i also...
  11. AaronOnTheRoad


    Okay here in about a week i will be heading to Montana with a road dog. Once we get there i want to hit the west coast cause I've never been. I will be crossing the way to get to my dads house. Should i stop by and get a hoodie and maybe a long sleeve shirt. Im having a feeling that it's going...
  12. Coywolf

    Montana Rail Link System map and TT information

    I wasent sure where to post this, so feel free to change it around. This is a link to the Railroad Radio's webpage of maps and timetables and live radio/scanner feed for the Montana Rail Link system from Laurel to Spokane via Missoula. I couldn't find this info anywhere else online. Safe...
  13. Mark Allen

    Bike Tour through Montana

    Good morning! I've been conditioning myself for, and building my gear up for, a tour through Montana, ultimately heading down to Yellowstone through paradise valley. I've got a GIANT brand aluminum frame mtn bike with disk brakes, as well as rechargeable and battery powered lights (in case I...
  14. jojoofu

    Looking in Montana or the Yukon for a good spot

    Hey everyone, I'm planning on heading north very soon. I want to either live in Montana or the Yukon. Montana would be preferable as I don't have a pass port so I would need to sneak over the border to Canada. I'm looking for somewhere that is wooded with a nearby mountain or lake/stream. I'd...
  15. Coywolf

    Library BNSF Montana Area timetable

    SIB submitted a new file to the StP library: BNSF Montana Area timetable - BNSF Montana Area Timetable Click here for more information on this file.
  16. Coywolf

    Maps BNSF Montana Area timetable

    Here ya go.
  17. RonaldM


    Some months algo I told the community that I was visiting Utah or Colorado on December. Lately the plan changed, so now I'm visiting the south side of Montana (Bozeman/Big Sky). So I was wondering if anyone lived near there. I'm going to be there around 3-4 months. I'll wait for your answers...
  18. SnakeOilWilly

    Best places in California to fly a sign? (also Oregon, Idaho, Montana)

    Hey guys, I'm planning a trip soon and I don't have a lot of $$$ so I plan to be flying a sign along the way. I'm gonna be traveling from Los Angeles up through California then through Oregon to Portland over through Idaho into Montana. I'd like to know any good places to fly a sign along this...
  19. SnakeOilWilly


    Hey guys, I've been planning on going to Montana sometime and was wondering as to what to see. I want to know about some good mountainous area's with nice views that some tracks go through. Also I'd like to know what towns to avoid and what towns are best to go through. I'm just starting to...
  20. pathlesstravelled

    Low line or highline from Montana to Portland.

    Which is the best and most recommended?