1. seeking existence

    Ride Offered San Francisco Bay Berkeley eastward to New Orleans and midwest

    Driving from San Francisco bay area, Berkeley towards midwest and New Orleans. Hoping to leave later tonight 01/18. Please contact me if you want a ride somewhere in the general direction. 916 623 5512 [email protected]
  2. tony longshanks

    Midwest ghost towns

    A friend of mine recently came back from traveling all over the Midwestern USA on an extended road trip, & reported to me that there are TONS of abandoned towns there. "Town after town after town... completely empty," she told me. So, having been born in Minnesota, I know how inhospitable the...
  3. Hoboculturalist

    Dumpster-divers or freegans in Wisconsin?

    Looking for comrades in the area. I know some good spots, if you want to partner up.
  4. D

    Minneapolis for med reasons

    Hey all, I'm sitting in MPLS/ STP for a while to get a job and deal with medical and dental issues. I already have 2 jobs lined up, both part time. The other part of that time I plan on getting my teeth back in order and dealing with basic medical stuff. ::nurse:: I don't think I have any...
  5. D

    From MN to West Coast?

    I'm considering bike-touring from Twin cities, MN to the west coast (most likely Seattle, WA.) I've never bike toured before, but I'm sick of GreyHound's bullshit. ::banghead:: Right now, I don't have any gear. I don't even have a bike, but I have a lot of time to gather what I need, if I decide...